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Looking for a better way to benefit your everyday health and wellness? CBD gummies provide the perfect balance of sweet and support! 
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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Yadkin valley Organics is the best CBD brand around!
Austin Wolfe
Austin Wolfe
Katie Hiatt
Katie Hiatt
I must agree...they have a SUPERIOR product! You can trust all these products!
Patti Lewallen
Patti Lewallen
great product use it everyday
Scott Lapointe
Scott Lapointe
I have tried all 3 bath bombs — the Vanilla is my absolute favorite! The Chocolate Berry CBD oil is what I use every night before bed — the taste is great, but be prepared for a light spicy taste when you swallow the oil. Drink water as you ingest the oil and you won’t taste the spice. I use the Vanilla Rose 1000 mg salve daily on my hands and feet and I use the Sport 2000 mg on my back and legs. I knew the salve would help with my achy muscles, but I was pleasantly surprised when it helped aid the healing process of a terrible burn I had on my hand. It also helped my skin heal when I was exposed to poison oak. The benefits of CBD are countless and YVO’s products are the real deal. I couldn’t be happier with my recent purchases and look forward to my next order!
Kristen Benge
Kristen Benge
I've tried many cbd product's including all the big name brands. I have to say that all the products I've tried from YVO actually work very well for me. Their CBD oils. Sports balms and smokable flower products are just better than the others I've tried. What they advertise is what you get which is a superior organic product that has in it what the label says and not snake oil which is what you get from alot of so called cbd products.
Chad Starnes
Chad Starnes
I use the cbd oil for seizures and anxiety. No medication has helped me as much as the cbd oil has. My husband and I also use the ointment for aches and pains. I have scoliosis and the ointment helps dramatically with pain. I recommend yadkin valley organics for all your cbd needs. Honest company and amazing people.
Stacey Sigmon
Stacey Sigmon
My first exposure to YVO products was through their 2000 mg sports ointment. It has virtually eliminated the daily pain that I was experiencing with arthritic joints. I also have suffered with anxiety until I began a daily intake of their wonderful flower The anxiety has diminished almost to the point of being gone.Thank you men. You have changed my life. Mike USAFVet
Mike Starnes
Mike Starnes
I have been using Yadkin Valley Organics for several months now. It is so nice to know people who value their product, that are very knowledgeable, as well as helpful. I use the CBD oil for arthritis in my hands, it is a tremendous help.
Sandra carter
Sandra carter
Great company, great products. Between a very physical job, lifting, and getting older, my body is always banged up. Yadkin Valley Organics CBD products are my go to for aches and pains. The CBD oil also works as a natural sleep aide which I sometimes need help with. YVO being certified organic and located in NC are added bonuses as I can support local farmers and also don’t have to worry about chemical fillers other companies use. If you’re curious about CBD or just looking for a better quality product, I highly recommend these guys.
Thurmond Chatham
Thurmond Chatham

featured product

MORNIN’ BLEND | Full-Spectrum CBD Oil + B12 & 
SLEEP BLEND | Full Spectrum CBD Oil + Melatonin

Our Mornin’ Blend is a great way to start each day. With 2,500mg of CBD and 30mg of B12 in each bottle and a tasty mint flavor to compliment your morning routine this is truly one of the best ways to conquer that To-Do list.

Our premium Full Spectrum CBD oil is extracted using an all-natural state-of-the-art method of cold pressing which serves to preserve all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial nutrients found in the hemp plant. It is then infused with an organic Melatonin allowing for the cleanest and purest oil on the market. This extensive method is designed specifically to bring rest to those who need it most.

Every Question You Have About CBD—Answered

Does CBD get you high? What are the actual benefits? Will it show up on a drug test? Here's everything you need to know about the product that's suddenly everywhere.

The Future Of Health & Wellness


We prioritize natural and organic products that contribute to your health and wellness. We use the highest quality seeds possible and nurture them using completely organic fertilizers certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute.


Yadkin Valley Organics was born out of a family farm in North Carolina and developed by four local farmers. We’re committed to delivering high-quality, locally grown products that bring transparency to the CBD market.


Our products are full-spectrum, meaning they contain everything the hemp plant has to offer. A variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids combine to boost the positive effects of CBD in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.



Tackle a natural way using CBD oil or other products. Relaxation is one of the most common reasons people use CBD, particularly to help get to sleep at night. 


Skin Care

CBD also has external uses in creams, lotions, and topicals. The soothing properties associated with CBD can help to nourish your skin.



Health and wellness are all about feeling balanced, and this is what CBD can help you achieve. By interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD helps to restore homeostasis. 

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No Animal Testing


Cruelty Free






100% Natural


ECO Friendly


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Sulfate Free

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