CBD and Skincare

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CBD is not just a myth and is supported by researchers to be the best ingredient for skincare and many people have started using it in the optimistic hope of treating illnesses like anxiety, pain and depression. And now it has emerged to be an important aspect to treat skin issues.

Body lotions are primarily 70-80% water-based with a bit of oils. The lightweight texture of lotion is most ideal for areas like the stomach, arms, and thighs. However, lotions often do not nourish the thickest parts of skin enough. The application is the thinnest and easiest to apply, but they do not penetrate the top skin layer for intensive care on very dry skin.

Body creams are thicker than lotions, but less thicker than butters, and the water to cream to oil ratio is often even and balanced. They have the basic ingredients like body butters, but they have added on water-based ingredients like aloe vera or hydrosol, and they are usually whipped to sustain a smoother texture. They may or may not have butters or solid fats in the cream, depending on the manufacturer.

Body butters are the thickest out of all body creams, with the strongest scent and likeability they will last longer on the skin than lotions and creams. However, they can leave an oil residue on your skin and clothes, and since they do not usually contain water or moisture, they do not allow your pores to breathe. Being used as an overnight skin treatment every once in a while is most ideal for this kind of texture and absorbency over everyday application. 

While being a balanced combination between water, butter, and oils, the CBD in the body creams assists with discomfort and malnourishment of the skin. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a balancing system of organs of the body and the skin is covered in CB2 receptors. The extra ingredient, CBD, binds to the receptors and provides extra relief for skin conditions like itchiness and redness.

CBD is a mild, non-intoxicating, and non-habit-forming remedy that comes from nature. It gently, but effectively decreases nervousness and discomfort, also since the skin is covered in CBD receptors it can be rubbed directly onto the skin to promote softness and resilience.