How Can CBD Help You Sleep Better at Night?

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We’ve all been in that situation where you’re led in bed at night unable to get to sleep, your mind racing – whether you’re worrying about work the next day or flashing back to every embarrassing thing you’ve done in your life. It’s an annoyance when it happens every now and then, but if that just sounds like a regular night to you, then it can really impact your life.

If you’re not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, then you’ll feel lethargic during the day, find it difficult to concentrate at work, and you might become irritable around your friends and family. And then there are the negative effects that not sleeping enough has on your physical health.

You don’t have to reach for the sleeping pills, though. There are lots of natural remedies that can help you sleep, and one of them is CBD.

CBD and sleep

Lots of CBD users report that using CBD oil or other CBD products in the evening or soon before they go to bed helps them get to sleep more easily and stay asleep better throughout the night. And there are even some studies that support this, even though CBD research is still in its infancy.

One study found that high doses of CBD can have therapeutic benefits for people with insomnia. While another study found mixed results, with a high number of participants experiencing improved sleep, but some participants reporting worsened sleep in the months following the study.

How does CBD improve sleep?

CBD is well-known for its anxiety-reducing effects, and this could directly impact the quality of sleep you get, since anxiety and sleep problems often go hand in hand. If you’re stressed or anxious about something in particular, or if you struggle with something like generalized anxiety disorder, then your mind may find it difficult to switch off at night. CBD’s relaxing effects and anxiety-reducing effects can help with this.

CBD may also have a link with cortisol, the stress hormone. Too much cortisol at night makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. CBD may reduce cortisol levels, which is why it’s useful for helping you relax and unwind in the evening. Those who suffer from pain may also benefit from taking CBD, as it can act as a natural painkiller. If your pain is keeping you awake at night, then CBD could be a natural way to manage it and get a better night’s sleep.

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