What to Expect When Using CBD Oil

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When people use CBD oil or any other CBD product, there’s no definitive answer to how it will affect them. We have already written a blog that attempts to explain what CBD oil feels like, but the experience will be slightly different for everyone. This article will help you understand a little more about the CBD experience and what to expect from it.

When will you start to feel the effects of CBD?

After taking CBD, should you expect instant results or will it take a while to kick in? The answer is, as mentioned above, that there’s no hard and fast rule for all people. Some people will respond to CBD more quickly than others. It can also depend on the dose you take and how you take CBD, e.g. oils vs. smoking vs. edibles.

Some individual differences can be explained by factors such as age, weight, and gender, while others are less predictable. Some people may just respond more quickly than others when taking CBD, and some users report not feeling any difference.

When it comes to dose, it is better to start small and see how that affects you. But if you try CBD oil and don’t feel anything, then you could try increasing your dose gradually. The concentration of the CBD product may also affect this.

Then, different methods of consumption will deliver the CBD into your system at slightly different rates. Smoking or vaping CBD is typically the fastest-acting method, whereas consuming CBD oil in food or drink will take longer as it has to work its way through your digestive system. When using CBD oil directly, i.e. not in food, the recommendation is to take it sublingually as this is believed to speed up the effects.

How long does CBD last?

Similarly, how long the effects of CBD will last for depends on many of the above factors. High-quality, full-spectrum CBD products like those from Yadkin Valley Organics will leave you with positive effects for longer than lower quality products.

While smoking CBD may act faster in your system, it also makes its way out of your system more quickly. The methods that are slower to act, like consuming CBD edibles, will usually produce effects for longer as the CBD is slowly digested and absorbed.

Again, individual differences will have an effect on how long CBD lasts for, particularly things like weight, gender, and how often you use CBD oil.

Check out our FAQ if you have any other questions about CBD oil and what to expect from it. And take a look at the full-spectrum CBD products available in our online store to experience it for yourself.