Cooking with CBD

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There are lots of different ways to take or use CBD and its various products. One of these is by adding it to food or drink to simply eat or drink it. You can buy CBD edibles in a range of different foods, and there are even some cafés that serve CBD infused food and drink. Another option is to buy CBD oil or CBD flower and make your own CBD creations to eat or drink.

How to cook with CBD

One way to infuse your food and drink with CBD is by using CBD flower. This requires heating the flower in order to decarboxylate it and then grinding it up to add to your recipes like a herb. Bear in mind that heating the flower will create an odor similar to that of smoking or cooking with marijuana.

An easier way to cook with CBD is to simply add a few drops of CBD oil to your recipe. You may also be able to find CBD infused olive oil for cooking with. CBD may be more easily absorbed by the body when consumed with fats, so CBD cooking is ideal for recipes with butter, milk, or olive oil, for example.

The effects of heating CBD oil are not fully understood yet, but it is possible that exposing it to too much heat can decrease its potency and effectiveness. So, it is better to cook CBD infused recipes on a lower heat or add the CBD to your dishes after you’ve cooked them, if possible.

The effects of cooking with CBD

Just like taking CBD oil directly, eating CBD infused foods may affect different people in different ways. Generally, people enjoy increased feelings of relaxation that can reduce stress and anxiety, and make it easier to fall asleep at night. Pain reduction can also be a benefit.

Be aware that consuming CBD in this way will take longer for the effects to kick in because you have to digest the food before CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream. When it comes to dose, it’s still advisable to start small. If you’re just adding CBD oil to a single cup of coffee, then you can add a single dose. But if you’re baking a batch of brownies, for example, then try to calculate how many portions you’re making and adjust the dose accordingly.

The best recipes to add CBD to

Here are some of the best types of food and drink to try adding CBD oil to:

  • Smoothies
  • Coffee and other hot drinks
  • Baked goods, e.g. cake, brownies, cookies
  • Salad dressing
  • Guacamole
  • Pizza

Get creative and try adding CBD oil to your sweet and savory recipes. And make sure you use high-quality CBD products in your cooking. Take a look at the full-spectrum CBD oils and other products we have available online at Yadkin Valley Organics.