Is CBD Effective for Pain Relief?

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Over the last couple of decades, medical marijuana has become increasingly popularized and legalized in some areas to treat pain and other conditions. But there is still some gray area around marijuana’s classification as a controlled substance and one that gives you a ‘high’ that can cause side effects and makes it unsafe to drive.

If you are looking for an alternative way to manage pain, then CBD could be a natural and effective way to achieve pain relief without the ‘high’ caused by marijuana.

How does CBD oil relieve pain?

The reported benefits of CBD come when this substance binds with the endocannabinoid system throughout various parts of our body. The pain relief effect is likely to occur due to cannabidiol binding with the endocannabinoid receptors in our brain. This can help to reduce pain signals.

CBD interacting with the brain is thought to affect the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, the release of which can help to increase our mood, make us feel more relaxed, and lower our sensitivity to pain.

CBD is also considered to be a powerful antioxidant, which can help to reduce inflammation. Pain and inflammation often go hand in hand when it comes to injuries and chronic pain, so reducing inflammation can also be an effective way to manage and relieve pain.

CBD oil administered orally or sublingually as drops can have an effect within minutes, and the benefits can last for several hours. It may take some testing to figure out the right dose and frequency for you, but you should always start with a low dose (no more than what is recommended on the packaging) if it is your first time taking CBD.

What conditions can CBD help with?

While CBD oil is not a treatment for pain or the underlying conditions causing it, it can help patients to manage their pain in a natural way without relying on potentially addictive medication. People with chronic pain, such as joint pain or back pain, may feel the benefit of regular CBD use. Chronic headaches and migraines can also be effectively managed. Even chronic conditions that are not fully understood, like fibromyalgia, could be partially managed using CBD.

Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol, CBD oil and topical creams and ointments can be useful in managing arthritis and the pain resulting from it. Topical CBD products applied to the affected joints can help to reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness that causes a lack of mobility.

Like medical marijuana, CBD is also being used by cancer patients as a way to manage symptoms of both the disease and its treatments, such as nausea, vomiting, pain, and lack of appetite.

If you’re interested in trying CBD oil for pain relief, then take a look at the range of CBD products we have available online.